Welcome to Chilton Preparatory School, the school everyone besides Lane and Dean want to go to!

All right, now that's a cheesy sentence.

In the Pilot episode, Rory gets accpeted to Chilton Prep, a prestigious school where people wear uniforms...

Rory: And everyone wears uniforms, so no one's there to check you out because of what jeans you're wearing. They're just there to learn!
Lane: Okay, there's academic minded, and then there's Amish.

Lorelai isn't too pleased by the tuition bill...

Lorelai: Wow! That is a lot of zeros behind that five.

But in the end, both mother and daughter agree that the "plaid skirt thing" is benefitting Rory more than it is hurting her.

There are plenty of adversaries at Chilton... no school would be complete without them. First on the hit list is Paris Geller, a girl who's been pushed far too hard. She has some lackeys - who doesn't at that kind of school? - named Madeline and Louise. The wicked trio comes to Rory's house to study for a debate about King Charles. Paris comes again, to ask Rory about clothes. Paris, as you are probably figuring out, is very academic minded. Her parents go through a divorce while Rory is at Chilton, and Rory is the only person who is nice to Paris.

The second adversary is Tristan Dugray. He calls Rory "Mary" - like the Virgin Mary - because she's perfect. One of his better quips is "Gotta be back at the convent by seven?" although even that isn't all that funny anyway. He likes to tease Rory. He came to her birthday party, the one given by her grandparents, and was fastidiously nice to Richard Gilmore. I doubt even Miss Manners herself could have found anything wrong with Tristan's manners. A lot of Gilmore Girls fans think Tristan secretly likes Rory, and I myself am kind of leaning that way.

The teachers at Chilton are pretty tough. One of them is Mr. Max Medina. Yes, the same one who falls in love with Lorelai. Other teachers include the history teacher who gave out the debate assignment, Mrs. Caldecott, and Headmaster Charleston, more affectionately known as "Il Duce" by Lorelai. As Headmaster Charleston so bluntly puts it, "Failure is a part of life. But it is not a part of Chilton."

Very well said, Your Excellency!

Above: Chilton girl Rory.
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